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POTOK-RC IP ready VHF/UHF automated receiving and transmitting system

The unitized automated receiving and transmitting radio system POTOK-RC is designed to provide instant selection of preset two-way radiotelephony communications and data exchange in the VHF range (100–400 MHz) between aircraft crews and air traffic control unit personnel, airport air traffic control tower flight supervision groups, and United System of Air Traffic Control district center dispatchers for airway and off-the-airway sectors.

POTOK-RC comprises the VYUGA ground-based transceivers for aviation.

The main distinctive features of POTOK-RC are:
  • High electromagnetic compatibility performance, which ensures the implementation of a combined receiving and transmitting radio center;
  • A high level of device unification in POTOK-RC, which provides a wide range of possibilities for increasing radio center capacity during operation;
  • Stationary and mobile design options;
  • Smart remote monitoring and control system;
  • Unattended operation;
  • No need for periodic maintenance during operation;
  • Facilitation of electromagnetic compatibility during receiver and transmitter operations in various frequency ranges;
  • Flexible configuration and modular design;
  • Automatic variable redundancy;
  • Interfacing with digital communication lines;
  • Communication lines multiplex;
  • Integral SELCAL and P-098 equipment options.